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Your Online Shoppers Checklist

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Your Online Shoppers Checklist

Post  admin on Mon Oct 10, 2011 6:10 am

It seems to me that long gone are the days of the shopping trolley, carrying heavy parcels, managing whining children and struggling to find a carpark!
While there are many benefits to shopping online, as you are not making face to face transactions, there are certainly many factors you need to be aware of.
Before buying anything online make sure you get to know the seller. Make sure there are contact details available in the case of faults etc.
Make sure you know the total cost of your planned purchase. Does the advertised price include delivery, insurance and handling costs? Do you need to convert the price to Australian dollars? Are there any taxes or duties? Once you know the total cost, ask yourself if you are still getting value for money—compare prices.
Only go ahead with the purchase if you are comfortable with the payment method. If paying electronically, make sure that the seller uses a secure payment system that encrypts your financial details. Look out for a padlock symbol and the web address starting with https:// —this indicates a secure payment process is being used. However, be aware that scammers may be able to reproduce symbols to give you the impression that a fake website is secure. If you have doubts, it is safer not to proceed.

These are just a few tips to be aware of, and if you would like to read more of these just go to
The Online Shoppers' Checklist
This is the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission Website and has many valuable tips and advice


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